Academy for Organizations and Start-up

Refresh your working culture! Our innovative methods, applied by a team of experienced international managers, have proven their effectiveness in helping market leaders gain and maintain competitive advantage over the years. By enhancing all the available resources and capabilities, the user-centric approach favors creative insights and enables effective solutions.


We guide companies through a complete innovation sprint, be it in terms of new products or processes. Moreover, to ensure the long-lasting effect of our interventions, we provide compact learning programs in the forms of advanced workshops for managers and employees. Our courses are thought for all those who are willing to gain practical competences and learn effective managerial techniques to grow their personal and business performance.


We help companies establishing a new working culture, oriented towards constant innovation and change. We also assist them in the identification of internal dysfunctionalities, which once corrected can enable them to reduce costs and optimize business processes. Lastly, our training will bring you through a dynamic learning journey with instant takeaways for your work. A proactive and positive environment, team cohesion and sense of belonging will be some of the results achieved with our courses!

An overview of our educational offer for the year 2016/2017.

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