We are ARTEXPO 22 permanent international art gallery

Artexpo22 recognizes culture as one of the main resources that accompany individuals throughout their lives, giving the opportunity to express their believes, their emotions, their selves. Artexpo22 srl therefore has an ambitious mission: “Promoting culture all around the world”.

To do so, we provide you with proven expertise in organizing cultural initiatives such as concerts, shows and art-exhibitions. Our team of experts will help you choosing the best and most suitable location for your activity and do everything needed to make your event unique and unforgettable.

In addition to this, our Academy organizes courses, seminars and workshops on subjects that range from innovation management, leadership and communication to art, literature and wellness! Thanks to our team of qualified and certified coaches, we are able to provide classes in different languages and locations worldwide. Online courses are also available, for example via Skype. Our target spans from the single individual to small groups, firms and start-ups.

Our team is actively engaged in the organization of art-related events and of cultural, artistic and educational initiatives internationally. The team is focused on the achievement and development of Artexpo22’s mission: promoting the visibility and the recognition of our artists in a serious and professional way worldwide. Artexpo22 srl actively collaborates on regular basis with partner museums, associations, schools, academies and galleries which help us deliver top services to every artist.

Gaja Amigoni

Chief Executive Officer

Founding member and CEO of Artexpo22 srl, she is committed on a daily basis in the realization and planning of new solutions and strategies to implement and promote the continuous development and improvement of the services offered.

Martina Amigoni

Communication manager and Artistic director

Expert in art and communication, she is graduated in CLEACC at the University Bocconi of Milan. She manages the relationships with the artists, collectors, galleries and art-related entities nationally and internationally.

Antonella Bonaiti

Public and administrative relationship manager

Thanks to her deep knowledge and love for culture, she is active on a daily basis on the management and planning of events, seminars and workshops on topic related to prose, literature, poetry and psychology.

Antonella Bonaiti


Co-founder of Artexpo22 srl, he is responsible for the planning, organization and realization of all the lectures, courses and workshops focusing on the human and spiritual growth and development of the individual.

Comunication and Emotion

Building on the intuition to consider art great emotional, communicative, cultural and financial resource, Artexpo22 srl addresses art lovers, gallerists, freelance artists and collectors who are seeking new opportunities, recognition and promotion at international level.

Our aim is to highlight and put emphasis on the peculiar characteristics of each artist and gallery, by showcasing the innovative aspect, the artistic talent and human potential of each of them.

Art galleries

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Permanent exhibition online

Nowadays, investing in your talent is essential, but not enough to gain success and pursue an artistic career! In the digital era, the era of the web and the social media, it is all about being visible and connected. To satisfy these needs, Artexpo22 provides a permanent online exhibition, where artists can present themselves and display their works. Thanks to this virtual gallery, thousands people all around the world will be able to see your artworks every day. To further promote talented artists, Artexpo22 has created a dedicated area where their creative confidence and artistic identity are presented with videos realized by experienced video makers

Art valuation

Our qualified art critics and historians can provide you with estimate of your artworks and belongings. For investors, real-time assessments are also available.


The Academy offers a high caliber education to all those who understand the importance to continually upgrading knowledge and gaining new skills. Our courses, workshops and seminars, provided by expert professionals and certified coaches on a wide variety topics ranging from the educational to the managerial field, will allow you to unlock your full potential and boost your career growth.


Artexpo22 organizes art exhibitions (solo as well as collective) and cultural events in the best cities of the world. Guided tours accompany art lovers through places of renowned cultural value and inestimable artistic potential.

We are ARTEXPO 22 permanent international art gallery

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